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  • 現代文閱讀評鑒試題:評核內容、試題類型、編制策略
  • Setting Questions to Assess Student's Evaluation Ability in Chinese Language Comprehension Tests:Framework, Type and Strategy
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2005
    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 背景﹕為了更好地適應未來社會﹐學生必須具備批判性思考、創意性思考等高層級思維能力,相應地﹐現今中小學課程也已十分重視培養這些與評價有關的能力。為此﹐閱讀測試要準確地評估、發展學生的評鑒能力。
    方法﹕以閱讀、寫作理論、現行課程標準為基礎,分析2002-05 年中國內地、香港、新加坡各17份合計51 份中學實際使用的中文試卷。
    Background: Students need to be equipped with higher thinking skills such as critical and creative thinking skills that are related to their evaluation ability in order to better prepare them for the future society. The current reading curricula worldwide emphasize on the enhancement of evaluation ability of students in schools. Accordingly, the comprehension tests should reflect these changes so as to improve teaching and learning.
    Aim: This research aims to probe on how to set questions to better assess students' ability to evaluate / appreciate the thoughts, literacy structures and language etc. in comprehension tests of Chinese language as first language.
    Method: The author sampled 51 comprehension tests from secondary schools in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and did a comprehensive content analysis based on multiple perspectives of theories on reading, writing, and the Chinese language curriculum development.
    Results: A framework of contents to be tested has been structured; A few types of questions have been designed. In addition, some strategies for setting questions to assess students' evaluation ability in comprehension tests have also been discussed. The essential differences among the test papers in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore have been described.
    Conclusion: There are a few key different focuses in assessing student's evaluation ability in the comprehension tests in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The author then concluded that, to ensure the assessing evaluation ability effectively, the scale of contents for testing should be broadened, and more types of question should be developed. A variety of strategies for doing this are recommended accordingly.
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