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  • 高等教育課程中的服務學習:柬埔寨-香港伙伴關係項目案例研究
  • 2019
    • Hong Kong
    • Phnom Penh
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • Service-Learning has become a prominent term in Higher Education settings.Because of its nature,other similar key terms;for instance,Community learning,Internship,Practicum,and Volunteer work are often used in comparison.Nonetheless,they could be differentiated based on their ultimate goals.All the above works are done in communities,for,and with communities but Service-learning has two dimensions which are to Serve and to Learn.In certain circumstances,learning might not occur while serving;hence,reflection activities should take place in order to bridge community service to content-learning(Bringle,Phillips,& Hudson,2004).Service-learning is defined as as an educational approach that allow students to apply their knowledge from classroom when participating in community activities(Bringle,Reeb,Brown,& Ruiz,2016).Not only an approach,it could be also an undergraduate course,a program,or a project depending on each university.Sometimes it is taking place as a partnership work between two universities locally or other times as an international collaboration.This qualitative research study with 14 participants seeks to investigate a Servicelearning partnership project between a university in Cambodia,Royal University of Phnom Penh(RUPP)and Hong Kong Polytechnic University(PolyU).RUPP students and their facilitators were interviewed after they returned from Service-learning project trip entitled “Healthy Lifestyle Challenges in Developing Communities”.The objectives of the study were to examine how Service-learning was integrated to the curriculum of RUPP,what challenges,experiences,and success that students and facilitators faced during the project implementation.The findings indicated that Service-learning has not been officially integrated to the curriculum of RUPP yet.It was only introduced as part of a summer project which RUPP students could apply for volunteer to work in partners with PolyU students in order to assist them accomplishing their Service-learning course credit.The findings showed that one of the major challenges for RUPP students during their Service-learning trip was seeking cooperation from the community members.Almost all of them stated it was their first time communicating with members living in the slum areas.They found it was challenging and confusing.Furthermore,a few of them were said to be uncomfortable and unsatisfied on being treated as translators during the project while PolyU students were the one taking all the leads.However,students were reported to have improved their English speaking tremendously and experienced a boost in confidence in using this language as well as communication skill.Service-learning project on healthy lifestyle was deem successful by both facilitators and students with a scale of three to four(moderately successful to very successful).All in all,the findings reflected that RUPP students have not understood clearly what Service-learning is all about.Generally,they only considered it as a volunteer work,a charity work,a health care project,and a community development kind of project rather than viewing it as an opportunity to link their major and content-knowledge in classroom to community learning.
  • 碩士
  • 東北師範大學
  • 中國
    • Chinese
  • Dissertation Theses
  • 2020-06-08

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