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Hong Kong & Singapore teachers' knowledge of metacognitive instruction

  • Hong Kong & Singapore teachers' knowledge of metacognitive instruction
  • 2006
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • Are teachers consciously aware of the strategies for enhancing the metacognitive processes of their students? To a large extent teachers' abilities to motivate and empower students to self-regulate their own learning processes is and has been the cause for concern among many educators even to date. Educators must focus on teaching students how to think, how to learn and to take active control over their own learning so that they are responsible for their own learning outcome. In this paper, a comparative study of teachers’ knowledge of metacognitive instruction in Hong Kong and Singapore were examined. MANOVA and a regression analysis were used to examine the patterns of teachers' knowledge of metacognitive instruction. The implications from the findings will be drawn with a view to enhance teacher education programmes.
  • Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2006: Educational Research, Policy and Practice in an Era of Globalization
    • English
  • Conference Papers
  • 2015-10-08

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