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Curriculum change and pedagogy shift of primary social studies

  • Curriculum change and pedagogy shift of primary social studies
  • School curriculum change and development in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • 2000
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • Social education in the primary education arena of Hong Kong has taken many forms. This chapter traces the development of Social Studies in the formal curriculum of local primary schools from the 1960s to the 1990s. It critically analyzes the foci of change as stated in the curriculum documents. Based on these official documents, the relationship between the curriculum intent and pedagogy advocated is discussed with reference to the current literature. Learning activities suggested in the syllabi of various decades are compared on a continuum of teaching-learning strategies and evaluated against stated learning targets. Their implications on teaching styles are discussed. Criteria for selecting activities are recommended for readers' reference. This chapter ends with recommendations for further investigation. It is hopeful that the chapter will become a useful reference for investigations on social education in primary schools in terms of curriculum and pedagogy advocated for effective learning.
    [Copyright © 2000 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.]
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  • 2015-05-18

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