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  • 通達學習:教授小六數學行動研究
  • An action research on the use of mastery learning for primary six mathematics
  • 香港教師中心學報, 5, 148-159, 2006
  • 香港
  • 香港教師中心
  • 2006
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 本文闡釋了利用「通達學習」教授數學,照顧個別差異和提升學習動機的行動研究。研究者發現「通達學習」有效照顧班中尖子和能力稍遜學生的學習,使學生差異度收窄,增強了學習的興趣。研究亦顯示,通過有計劃的安排,制定明晰的教學目標與課業,以輔導和增潤課程設計,有效地改變了教學的效能和學習的程式。「通達學習」是值得推廣的,只是教師需要更多教學時間和支援。
    The paper reports an action research on the use of Mastery Learning in the teaching of primary six Mathematics. It is reported that Mastery Learning is able to cater for the needs of a wide range of individual ability in the class. The pupils' motivation is enhanced. With good preparation and clearly defined objectives and learning activities, the effectiveness of teaching and learning is enhanced. However, teachers need more support and resources in order to prepare and conduct lessons for Mastery Learning.
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