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A holistic support of home learning for Hong Kong kindergarten children in the time of COVID-19 outbreak

  • A holistic support of home learning for Hong Kong kindergarten children in the time of COVID-19 outbreak
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • The COVID-19 outbreak led to switch from face-to-face classes to virtual mode of teaching. This emerging phenomenon requires adopting new educational policies and strategies for synchronous learning at home. This study develops a conceptual model by investigating the holistic supports for kindergarten teachers, children and families. There are well-documented studies reporting on the relationships between families’ social backgrounds, home learning environment and experiences (e.g. Foster et al., 2005; Hartas, 2011). However, few studies have shown a connection to conceptualize holistic model through investigating contextual sources of support on home learning (Kluczniok et al., 2013). In coping with the challenges and limitations of home learning, Hong Kong government and kindergartens develop various measures, schemes and plans of action to facilitate teachers and families adopting different e-learning approaches and using educational resources. This study draws on the multiple data from policy documents, reports and empirical studies to analyze the impacts of policy implementation and educational programmes. The ethical issues are considered throughout the study. Five themes have been identified from the policy discourses and empirical evidence, including preparedness, adaption, affordance, responsive and transparency. Findings of this study show that a quick adjustment on information flow, social support and parenting practices that could influence the quality of home learning experience for children. This study offers an integrated view on identifying multiple sources of support that are conducive to children’s home learning. It gives insights into building a collective repertoire of educational practices for parents and teachers to adopt during the “New Normal” period. Copyright © 2021 EECERA.
  • Paper presented at the 30th EECERA Annual Conference, Zagreb, Croatia.
    • English
  • Conference Papers
  • 2022-01-05

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