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Curriculum leadership and school development: Review and prospects

  • Curriculum leadership and school development: Review and prospects
  • 課程領導與學校發展:回顧與展望
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Teachers' Association
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • Background: The "Primary school curriculum leadership" scheme was first introduced to Hong Kong primary schools by the Education Bureau in year 2002/03. An additional teaching post which was known as Primary Schoolmaster/Schoolmistress (Curriculum Development) – or PSM(CD), had been created to help the school head to lead internal curriculum development in primary school. This scheme was considered to be a pioneering initiative in Hong Kong as well as the Chinese culture societies.
    Aims: The paper reviews the curriculum leadership development in Hong Kong primary schools by examining the impacts of the work of PSM(CD) on internal curriculum development and school development in the context of curriculum reform, the challenges and difficulties faced by the PSM(CD)s in discharging their responsibilities, their successful experiences, and provides implications for future development.
    Comments: PSM(CD)s claimed that to carry out their responsibilities, they needed to perform different roles such as co-worker, mentor, innovator, role model, and leader. Furthermore, the most important factors that would hinder their work were school organizational factors, supports of school heads and colleagues, readiness of the school as a whole for change, and personal limitations.
    Conclusion: This paper argues while some achievements had been made since the introduction of the PSM(CD) scheme, it is also worth our attention to note that this scheme promoted teacher leadership development at the school sites, which eventually contributed positive impacts on whole school development. On the other hand, it is noted that PSM(CD)s would encounter many difficulties and challenges in discharging their duties. There is urgent need to find out solutions to help the newly appointed PSM(CD)s to develop their competences and become a "successful" curriculum leader. This paper also concludes the successful criteria of the work of PSDM(CD) which should be a useful reference for the PSM(CD)s as well as the school heads.
    背景: 香港教育局在2002/ 2003年開始在小學設置課程統籌主任職位,專職協助校長領導教師,推行課程改革。這計劃是華人社會乃至世界大部份國家的創舉。
    目的: 本文以香港小學課程統籌主任為例,回顧課程領導在香港小學的發展,探析他們對學校發展和落實課程改革的影響、面對的困難和挑戰、及成功的經驗,並提出未來的發展方向。
    評論: 課程統籌主任表示在執行職責時要扮演同儕、輔導員、倡導者、楷模和領導者等多種角色。研究進一步發現妨礙課程統籌主任工作的因素,可分為組織因素、校長和校內其他教師的支持與合作、學校整體推行改革的準備和個人限制。
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  • 2010-12-02

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