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  • 1. Constraints affecting the implementation of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) strategy in university courses
    Document Type: Book Chapters
    Pages: 49-65
    Year published: 1999
    City published: Hong Kong
    Publisher: The Management Committee
  • 2. Can PBL work for surface students?
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 2000
    City published: Queensland
    Publisher: ASET & HERDSA
    Conference: ASET / HERDSA 2000 Joint International Conference (2000: University of Southern Queensland)
  • 3. Issues and innovations in nursing education critical thinking disposition of Hong Kong Chinese and Australian nursing students
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Journal of Advanced Nursing, 44(3), 298-307, 2003
    Year published: 2003
    Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Limited
  • 4. A comparison of the effects of problem-based learning and lecturing on the development of students' critical thinking
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Medical Education, 40(6), 547-554, 2006
    Year published: 2006
    Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Limited
  • 5. Problem design in problem-based learning: Evaluating students' learning and self-directed learning practice
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2003
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 6. Teaching writing to ESL graduate students: A model and an illustration
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 69(3), 293-306, 1999
    Year published: 1999
    Publisher: British Psychological Society

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