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  • 1. 中學、預科和大學學生作文中觀念的顯性聯繫的研究
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Pages: 267-292
    Year published: 1998
    City published: 香港
    Publisher: 香港中文大學中國語言及文學系
    Conference: 香港中國語文教學研討會 (1997: 香港)
  • 2. 中文科目標為本課程的探究
    Document Type: Book Chapters
    Pages: 43-88
    Year published: 1997
    City published: 香港
    Publisher: 天地圖書有限公司
  • 3. 三種閱讀方法與中文閱讀理解能力的關係之研究
    By: 歐佩娟
    Document Type: Dissertation Theses
    Year published: 1982
  • 4. 中文教師在教學自信方面的自我評鑑
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Pages: 10-13
    Year published: 1994
    City published: Hong Kong
    Publisher: Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Conference: Conference on Curriculum Changes in Hong Kong: The Needs of the New Era (1994: Hong Kong)

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