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  • 如何透過學生會及學生活動在中學進行領袖培養
  • Leadership development in secondary schools by means of student unions and student activities
  • 青年研究學報, 3(2), 41-47, 2000
  • 香港
  • 香港青年協會
  • 2000
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 本文首先介紹三位專家對領袖所下的定義,然後綜合指出領袖的特質,包括:遠見、熱忱、正直、誠實、信任別人、敢於冒險、有服務精神和信任團隊。作者介紹學校培養領袖之「隱藏議程」,並透露學校提供環境和合情合理的運作原則。文章亦藉着喇沙書院的四個例子,逐一分析培養學生領袖的竅門。
    The article begins by posing the definitions of leadership as made by Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey and James O'Toole. It concludes that having vision, passion, integrity, trust, being adventure, willing to serve and able to work in teams are the characteristics of a good leader. It then proceeds to reveal the school's "Hidden agenda" on leadership training, its supporting environment and its working system. Finally, by applying four case studies, it analyses various means by which leaders are nurtured.
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