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  • 遊戲教學法中的教師話語分析
  • Teacher talk in the game-based approach
  • 中國語文通訊, 99(2), 289-303, 2020
  • 香港中文大學中國文化研究所吳多泰中國語文研究中心
  • 2020
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 遊戲教學法在國際漢語教學的課堂操練中能引起學生興趣,具帶動作用。教師話語對遊戲的應用質量有關鍵性影響,但目前針對課堂遊戲教師用語的研究並不多見。故本文以遊戲教學法設計詞彙教學,錄製準教師的教學視頻,並轉寫教學話語,從話語量、話語類型和話語策略等方面進行分析,討論遊戲教學中教師應如何利用話語帶動課堂操練,並針對準教師在模擬教學中存在的問題提出改進建議,為提高準教師教學話語質量以及國際漢語師資培訓作參考。The game-based approach can arouse learners’ interests in international Chinese teaching and improve teaching efficiency. Teacher talk has a key impact on the application of games, but there are few studies on it in classroom games. This paper uses the game-based approach to design vocabulary teaching, recorded the classroom teaching conducted by a pre-service teacher, and transcribed the video into texts. In view of the problems existing in the simulation teaching, this paper puts forward some suggestions, which can be used for improving the discourse quality of pre-service teachers and as a reference for teacher training in international Chinese teaching. Copyright © 2020 香港中文大學中國文化硏究所吳多泰中國語文硏究中心.
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  • 2021-06-15

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