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The experience of implementing sport education model

  • The experience of implementing sport education model
  • 2008
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • Sport education has attracted attention and interest from physical educators recently. However, the implementation of sport education has not been without difficulties. The purposes of this study were to understand the views of teachers and students on this model as well as examining the difficulties the teachers may face when implementing the model. Two secondary physical education teachers and 110 secondary students participated in the study. The teachers taught a unit of football lessons in sport education to two classes of students. They were requested to keep a reflective journal that focused on the process of implementation of the approach as well as the student reaction to this model. An interview focused on their views of using the approach was conducted with each teacher. Views of students toward the instructional approach were also obtained through the use of structured questionnaire. Results revealed that the major difficulty faced by the teachers was the planning before the implementation. Most students expressed that they favoured the model and understood more about the organizing of football games. They also valued the learning of collaboration skills and team spirits in the lessons. The findings hold implications for the physical educators and teacher educators in Hong Kong.
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    • English
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  • 2015-11-05

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