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  • 夥伴合作對教師學習的影響:一個有關教師實施專題研習教學的探究
  • Impact of teacher-change agency partnerships on teacher learning: Learning through project learning
  • 2005
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • Over the last decade, educational reformers in Hong Kong have targeted teacher development and learning as a key area of need As part of this movement, different external change agencies began developing partnerships with school as attempts to enhance the quality of teacher professional development Such partnerships have operated for a number of years, but, to date, their efficacy has been largely unexplored This research, taking teachers' implementation of project learning as an example, aims to explore the impact of teacher-change agency partnerships on teacher learning The study is important in helping educators to better understand the difficulties teachers face when engaging in changes and also teachers' learning need This research also reveals the effects of teacher-change agency partnership and its impact on teacher learning This study can shed lights on ways of curriculum change and teacher development
    The research posed four questions: (1) What difficulties do teachers face while carrying out project learning in school? (2) What kind of learning did teachers experience while involved in the teacher-change agency partnership? (3) Within the context of educational change, did teacher-change agency partnerships have an impact on teacher learning? (4) What do teacher-change agencies need to consider if partnership is to achieve positive results?
    Five experienced primary school teachers were involved in the study In-depth interviews and non-participatory observation were used to collect data Based on thick description of five cases individually and a comprehensive comparison among them, the research revealed: (1) Teacher trainers need to take a multi-dimensional view to study the difficulties teachers encountered in implementing reform initiatives; (2) Teacher learning should take account of both "teacher" and "learning" The research highlighted that teacher professional development and personal growth are closely interrelated; (3) In different sectors (such as, the starting point of learning, the learning task, learning methods, the learning approach, learning progress and learning support), as well as at different levels, (such as, supportive vs accelerative), teacher-change agency partnerships may have a positive influence on teacher learning However, the professional capacity of the change agency, and the unique needs of the school played a crucial role in shaping the efficacy of the relationship between both partners and also the level of teacher learning
    To conclude, based on the five personal narratives and with reference to relevant literature review, the research suggested that a broader discussion is needed in the area, and recommended a conceptual framework which may guide further development
  • PhD
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Chinese
  • Dissertation Theses
  • 2013-10-24

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