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  • 視覺藝術評賞教學之提問與對話框架研究
  • A dialogue and questioning framework for teaching visual art appreciation
  • 藝術教育研究, 38, 1-34, 2019
  • 藝術教育研究期刊顧問委員會
  • 2019
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 提問與對話是教學中最常見的形式,而在藝術評賞教育的領域更有著主導性的地位。藝術教育學者早已提出不少評賞理論和評賞教學方法,但對於教師如何與學生對話和向他們發問,卻一直缺乏一套較為完整和有系統的方法。相比其他學科,例如:語文、數學、科學,有關藝術評賞教學中對話與提問的研究相當貧乏。本文探討六個常見的藝術評賞教學理論和策略,然後提出四個藝術評賞教育的主要目的,並倡議一套與之相配及適用於教授視覺藝術的對話及提問框架。為了在應用層面進一步完善和建構本框架,七位香港小學教師及其學生受邀進行教學試驗。觀察有關教學試驗後,本文歸納出六項教學建議,以協助教育工作者應用本框架於藝術評賞教學。Questioning and dialogue are the most common way of teaching, and they are an essential element in the field of art criticism education. Previous scholarship had proposed various theories and teaching methods on art criticism education, but there is a lack of a holistic and systematic way for guiding teachers to question and have dialogue with students. The number of studies on questioning and dialogue in learning Visual Arts is limited, comparing to studies in subjects such as Languages, Mathematics, and Sciences. This paper reviews six art criticism models or methods, identifies four major goals in art criticism education, and proposes a framework of questioning and dialogue for the learning and teaching of visual art at schools and museums. Seven primary school visual arts teachers were invited to practice the framework in their own schools and art museums and finally six suggestions were concluded for teachers' implementation. Copyright © 2019 藝術教育研究期刊顧問委員會 & Ainosco Press.
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  • 2020-05-18

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