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  • 活用粵語拼音促進中文二語的學習效能:以幼兒教學助理課程為例
  • 中國語文通訊, 98(1), 27-40, 2019
  • 吳多泰中國語文研究中心
  • 2019
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • 以粵語為中文教學媒介語在香港由來已久,如何能指導學生兼顧口語與書面語的表達要求──能以粵語口語有效表達,同時又能避免現代漢語書面語受粵語方言干擾,對教授香港非華語學生中文的教師而言,是艱鉅的考驗。根據一次支援“多元文化教學助理先修課程”的教學實踐,本文發現善用粵語拼音,編製特色的粵語文本,不但方便中文二語學生溫習,而且減少因同時學習粵語口語與中文書面語而造成的困擾,能促進學習中文的效能。Cantonese has been the medium of instruction in Chinese language teaching in Hong Kong for decades. Given the discrepancies between the spoken Cantonese dialect and the written form of Modern Standard Chinese, how to develop students’ spoken and written language proficiencies in Chinese in tandem is a huge challenge for Hong Kong teachers, especially those who teach Chinese as a second language. Based on an attempt in teaching a Chinese enhancement course for a “Multicultural Teaching Assistant Programme”, this paper reports how the romanization of Cantonese was used to bridge the gap and concludes that the incorporation of Cantonese romanization in compiling teaching materials not only facilitates students’ self-study, but also minimizes the confusion caused by learning the spoken language and the written language at the same time, enhancing the effectiveness of Chinese language learning. Copyright © 2019 香港中文大學中國文化硏究所吳多泰中國語文硏究中心.
    • Chinese
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  • 2019-08-20

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