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  • STEM教育在香港推行的狀況
  • 青年研究學報, 21(1), 99-106, 2018
  • 香港靑年協會
  • 2018
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
    • Secondary Education
  • 近年,本港中小學開始推行STEM教育,透過教導學生靈活地綜合運用科學、科技、工程和數學各方面的知識,致力培養學生「廿一世紀技能」,以應對新時代的挑戰。本文將會簡介STEM教育在香港推行的狀況,並探討當中面對的困難和挑戰。Recently, Hong Kong primary and secondary schools have been promoting STEM education. Teaching students how to flexibly integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics knowledge facilitates them to equip themselves with “21st century skills” so that they can face the challenges of this new era. In this article, we briefly describe the implementation of STEM education in Hong Kong and discuss the challenges. Copyright © 2018 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.
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  • 2019-11-01

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