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Teachers' orientations towards selecting assessment strategies

  • Teachers' orientations towards selecting assessment strategies
  • 教師在選擇評估策略上的取向
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Teachers' Association
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
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  • Background: The literature suggests two main types of orientations influencing teachers' choice of assessment strategies--"Knowledge acquisition and retention (K orientation)" and "Understanding and Conceptual change (U orientation)" with the former more directly related to surface learning types of assessment strategies and the latter more to do with strategies which encourage deep learning.
    Aims: The study aimed to investigate what kinds of strategies teachers used to assess their students and how teachers' self-reported assessment strategies reflected the orientations suggested in the current literature. In addition, it identified the governing forces that impacted on the orientations of the teachers in their assessment strategy selection.
    Sample: Ninety-four Hong Kong teachers from nine primary schools and six secondary schools took part in semi-structured interviews which focused on the strategies they used for assessing their students.
    Results: The teachers reported using many types of strategies including tests, exams, projects, etc. The results of the study showed that there were forces that drew teachers towards "Knowledge acquisition and retention" orientation while selecting assessment strategies for use.
    Conclusion: More effort has to be made to encourage teachers to attain a better balance between assessment aimed at measuring knowledge and assessment aimed at learning and understanding.
    背景: 文獻指出教師在選擇評估策略上有兩種主要取向 - 「知識的獲取與記憶」(知識取向) 及「理解與概念的轉變」(理解取向)。「知識取向」的評估策略偏向淺層次的學習;而「理解取向」的評估策略是鼓勵深層次的學習。
    目的: 本研究的目的是瞭解教師選擇甚麼評估策略來評估學生,分析他們選取評估策略的取向,及找出主導他們對評估策略取向的因由。
    取樣: 本研究訪問了九十四位來自九所小學及六所中學的香港教師。
    結果: 本研究的結果顯示教師曾經使用不同種類的評估策略,包括測驗、考試及專題計劃等。當教師選擇評估策略的時候,有一些外在的力量使他們傾向於選擇「知識取向」。
    結論: 有需要增強相關的做法,令教師擺脫這些限制,使「用評估量度知識」與「用評估學習和理解」之間取得平衡。
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  • 2010-12-02

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