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  • 青少年學校生活的憂慮、窘境與反思──論求學生活與學校教育革新
  • Reflections on school life: A study on schooling and innovations in school education
  • 青年研究學報, 2(2), 153-166, 1999
  • 香港
  • 香港靑年協會
  • 1999
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 香港自1979年實施九年的免費、強迫教育以來,學校教育革新不斷。從精英教育走向、普及教育,學校服務的對象和性質跟以往的大不相同。過往的精英化和優選性的學生生活模式必須有根本性的改變,方能切合青少年的需要和時代的需求。此文嘗試從青少年學生對學校生活的反思和社會對教育的實際期望,探討學生的求學生活和他們的學校生活與學校教育革新的關係。研究發現學生、家長、老師及學校對學生生活和教育革新的觀感,有別於教育改革的目標和精神;在學校施行的層面上,影響青少年的學習生活和革新的落實和貫徹。
    Since adopting the free and compulsory education for all young people in 1979, Hong Kong has been implemented many school educational innovations. School life is based on elitism and streaming has to be changed to keep in line with innovational changes in mass education. This paper investigates, the perspective of young people, schooling and its relationship with innovational changes. It suggests that alienation of students and pragmatism in education, which are not comparable with innovational goals and spirit make youth study and school reform problematic.
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