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  • 繪本融合習式方法:香港幼兒戲劇教育的實踐模式、狀況與挑戰
  • Integrating conventions approach with picture books: The approaches, situations and challenges of early childhood drama education in Hong Kong
  • 藝術教育研究, 34, 65-91, 2017
  • 台灣藝術教育研究顧問委員會
  • 2017
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • 「繪本融合習式方法」為香港幼兒教育日漸普及的一種教育戲劇的教學方式。本文根據讀者回應理論,建立「創意空隙」(creative gaps)的概念框架,提出六種不同面向及程度的創意空隙,以評估教學案中能給予幼兒重新想像、探索和重述故事的機會與可能性。作者提出,教師在設計教案時,應發掘繪本的創意空隙,以選配和編排適當的戲劇習式。本文藉研究幼兒教師與戲劇導師共同設計的20個教案,探討這模式在香港的實踐狀況。結果顯示,教學設計雖未能完全擺脫文本的束縛以開放地讓幼兒參與,但當中的創意空隙能引導幼兒進行多方面故事探索和重新想像。不過,以現實生活經驗來重創故事,討論當中的品德情意與社會議題的表現,卻未見顯著。本研究建議師資訓練多強調有關繪本和創意空隙的分析與應用的知識和技巧。The use of Conventions Approach with picture books has become a popular teaching mode of Drama-in-Education in the early childhood education in Hong Kong. Drawing on the reader-response theories, the author constructs a conceptual framework called "creative gaps." This framework includes six aspects and gradations of creative gaps which aims to evaluate the opportunities and possibilities given to children to re-imagine, explore and retell the story in a drama lesson. The author argues that teachers should identify the creative gaps of the picture book when assigning and arranging appropriate drama conventions to teach. Through analyzing 20 teaching plans co-written by preschool teachers and drama artists, the author examines the practice of this drama teaching approach collected from eight preschools in Hong Kong. The results reveal that although the teachers could not totally break through the confinement of the original text for open participation, the creative gaps identified in their teaching plans could support young children to re-imagine and explore the story in various ways. Still, attempts were made to facilitate the children to re-create the story through everyday experiences and to discuss the social and moral messages in the story. In the end, the author suggests that teacher training should put more emphasis on the knowledge and skills about analyzing and applying picture books and creative gaps. Copyright © 2017 Author.
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  • 2019-05-22

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