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  • 小學低年級學生掌握閱讀策略的實證研究
  • An empirical study on the mastery of reading strategies among lower primary school students
  • 國際中文教育學報, 6, 113-134, 2019
  • Department of Chinese Language Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • 2019
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 當前語文課程及教學研究都十分重視引導學生掌握閱讀策略,但對於小學低年級學生閱讀策略的學習對加強閱讀理解表現有否成效,卻依然存在爭議。針對這一問題,本研究在香港六所本地小學二年級實施了為期一年的閱讀策略教學准實驗。控制班136 人,實驗班148 人。研究表明,教學實驗後,實驗班學生的閱讀理解進步分顯著高於控制班;低水平的閱讀者在閱讀實驗中受益最大。調查問卷顯示,學生在教學實驗後在展示創意、想像畫面兩項策略的應用頻次上有顯著提升。本研究也討論了研究結果對閱讀教學的一些啟發。The current Chinese curriculum and teaching research attach great importance to master reading strategies, but the effects of learning reading strategies among lower graders are still controversial. In response to this research gap, this study implemented a one-year quasi-experiment by teaching P2 students reading strategies among six local primary schools in Hong Kong. There were 136 pupils in the controlled class and 148 in the experimental class. This study demonstrated that after the teaching experiment, students in experimental class had a significant improvement in reading comprehension than that of the controlled class; low level readers benefitted the most from the teaching experiment. Results collected from the questionnaire indicated that students have significantly improved the use of the two strategies (i.e., demonstrating creativity and imaging) when reading independently after teaching experiment. Implications on reading instruction derived from the results were discussed as well. Copyright © 2019 香港教育大學.
    • Chinese
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  • 2020-07-20

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