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  • 21. 越軌列車十七班 : 八十年代前後的香港教育個案
    By: 楊江
    Document Type: Books
    Year published: 1986
    City published: 香港
    Publisher: 百姓半月刊
  • 22. 亞洲五國(地區)國中生偏差行為與校園安全觀感對數學學習成就的影響 : 以TIMSS 2007 資料庫為例
    By: 謝琬如
    Document Type: Dissertation Theses
    Year published: 2011
    Publisher: 暨南大學
  • 23. Teachers perception on behavioural problems
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 1996
    Conference: Hong Kong Educational Research Association (HKERA) 13th Annual Conference: Restructuring Schools in Changing Societies (1996: The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
  • 24. Hong Kong teachers' perceptions of student problems: A preliminary report on sources and outcomes of newly arrived students
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 2004
    Conference: 5th iAPED International Conference on Education Research (The 5th ICER) (2004: Seoul, South Korea)
  • 25. Depressive symptomatology in students with emotional and behavioural problems in Hong Kong
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Hong Kong Special Education Forum, 1(2), 54-67, 1998
    Year published: 1998
    Publisher: Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education;Special Education Society of Hong Kong
  • 26. Perceived child behaviour problems, parenting stress, and marital satisfaction: Comparison of new arrival and local parents of preschool children in Hong Kong
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Hong Kong Medical Journal, 13(5), 364-371, 2007
    Year published: 2007
    Publisher: Hong Kong Academy of Medicine;Hong Kong Medical Association
  • 27. Teacher stress in working with behavioral problems of students in Hong Kong: A comparative study
    Document Type: Book Chapters
    Pages: 309-333
    Year published: 2012
    City published: Charlotte, N.C.
    Publisher: Information Age Pub
  • 28. Understanding factors associated with online piracy behaviour of adolescents
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 18(2), 122-132, 2013
    Year published: 2013
    Publisher: AB Academic Publishers
  • 30. The moderating role of emotional competence in suicidal ideation among Chinese university students
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Journal of Advanced Nursing, 70(4), 843-854, 2014
    Year published: 2014
    Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd

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