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    1. Pre-service PE teachers' occupational socialization experiences on teaching games for understanding
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2008
    City published: Hong Kong
    Publisher: Hong Kong Teachers' Association
    Background: Teaching Games for Understanding has been promoted as an innovative curriculum model in the past decade in Hong Kong. It focuses on developing pupils' tactical awareness and decision making capability through integrating the cognitive and contextual dimensions of learning in physical education.
    Aims: This article reports a qualitative study of occupational socialization experiences of preservice physical education teachers on Teaching Games for Understanding.
    Sample and methods: Data of 4 final year pre-service physical education teachers with an orientation towards teaching were collected through interviews and writing of reflective journals. Occupational socialisation suggested by Lawson (1983) and the interpretive inquiry perspective were adopted as theoretical frameworks for generating meanings.
    Results and recommendations: All participants perceived Teaching Games for Understanding positively as a viable instruction contributing to pupils' cognitive development and providing fun. They regarded it as pedagogical knowledge and mapped well with the current education reform in Hong Kong. Although they encountered a number of conceptual and instructional difficulties for implementing the model, they were determined to adopt the model in their future teaching. The findings generate insights on how pre-service PE teachers can be helped and facilitated in their occupational socialization processes.
    取樣及方法:本研究應用Lawson (1983)之職化理念和傳譯角度作為理論依據,利用訪談及反思報告以搜集資料,探討四位具教學取向體育畢業師訓生之領會教學法學習經歷。
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