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  • 為促進學生更好地學習實施目標參照測試
  • Implementing criteria-referenced test to facilitate better learning for students
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2005
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
    • Secondary Education
  • 本文首先分析中小學教育實踐中人們混淆常模參照與目標參照兩種測試的原因,進而提出一些實施目標參照測試的方法,如設計參照標準,合理地命題、評分、解釋分數等,從而使校內測試更好地促進學生全面地、積極地、創造性地學習。
    This paper begins with analyzing the reason why Criteria-referenced and Norm-referenced tests are often misunderstood and misused in schools. It then goes on to suggest some methods in implementing the school-based Criteria-referenced tests, including setting up standards for assessing academic achievement, designing test questions and interpreting test's results. In so doing, we aim to improve the quality of school-based tests in order to engage students in a more active and creative way of learning.
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  • 2010-12-02

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